Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Challenge

Hi! Here are all the details about challenge going on.

  • You should be a beginner of C++ (this blog is not for professionals)
  • Cutoff time for the submission of code will be displayed with the problem statement.
  • All the submitted solutions will be revealed after the challenge is over.
  • It is highly recommended you do not ask for help on other forums and try to solve the problem yourself (believe me that's for your own benefit).
  • You would be able to see a voting widget to vote for the code you think is best (properly commented, compact, not unnecessarily lengthy or difficult to understand), after submissions are ended.
  • Votes do help in increasing your winning chances but all the codes will be checked by a professional to ensure no one is trying to cheat.
  • Results will be displayed after two days of submissions.
  • The winner will get a chance to display his profile/blog/website on the sidebar till the winner for next challenge is announced.
  • After one challenge is over there will be a post having the problem statement , the best solution and the link to the winner's profile/website/blog.
  • No one is eligible to win consecutively. However if your code is good enough your name will be displayed in the post published afterwards.
  • The administrator's decisions will be final.

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